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2019 The Great Australian Drive:

Members and friends are gearing up for the Great Australian Drive Rally of 2019. If you haven't already heard about it click here.











Owner: Jim Keogh
Model: S1
Year: 1957
Engine: 6-cyl, 4.887cc/40hp
Body Style: Fry Drop-head

Sold new by York Motors Sydney to a Dr Boyd Leigh. Sold to J Keogh in 1986 and converted to a drop-head by Roger Fry. Has won many prizes at various Concours d'Elegances since restoration including: Best Post-War Car, Best in Class, Ladies Choice and Best Overall Bentley.


Owner: J & B Milne
Model: Mark VI
Year: 1950
Engine: 4.25-litre
Body Style: Sedan

Delivered to Glasgow in October 1950. Imported to Queensland early 1960 and neglected before being rescued by the previous owner who took 10 years to restore it to its present condition.


Owner: -
Model: 8-litre
Year: 1931
Engine: 6-cyl 8-litre
Body Style: Open Tourer

The largest luxury car made by Bentley Motors and the reason R-R launched a hostile take-over of the company in 1931. 100 of this model were built and 75 still exist. This car was tested at 125mph (200km/h) after its restoration in 1968. Won the BDC Kensinton Gardens (London) Concours d'Elegance in 1971.


Owner: Trevor Eastwood
Model: 4/8 Special
Year: 1930/35
Engine: 8-litre
Body Style: Corsica two-seater Tourer

Built in the 1930s by Mac Mackenzie, the 'Bentley Guru". The 8-litre components came from famous Whitney Straight's car. The Corsica body is unique.



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