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There is plenty happening here at BDC WA - take a closer look at some of our bigger upcoming events below:-

2019 The Great Australian Drive:

Members and friends are gearing up for the Great Australian Drive Rally of 2019. If you haven't already heard about it click here.











Owner: Trevor Eastwood
Model: 3
Year: 1925
Engine: 4.5-litre
Body Style: Mulliner Boat Tail

This is known as the Elizabeth Nagle car. Elizabeth was the author of 'The Bentley Boys' and 'The Other Bentley Boys'. She took the car to every continent in her travels, stored in a special crate.


Owner: -
Model: 4.5-litre
Year: 1928
Engine: 4.5-litre
Body Style: Le Mans Tourer by Roger Fry

Winner of the RAC Centenary Concours d'Elegance 2005. Delivered 1928 to James Love, London, the same year Bentley won Le Mans 24-hour race with a simliar car at an average speed of 69.11mph. Imported to Australia in the '40s, it was bought form the G.K.S. Rusden estate in 2001, brought to WA and restored by Perth Guru Roger Fry


Owner: Jim Runciman
Model: Speed Six
Year: 1930
Engine: 6600cc
Body Style: Van Den Plas

This was a West Australian Police car between 1930 and 1947. It was purchased from the police force by Arthur Bance who used it briefly until about 1950. It was restored in the 1980s and has been used extensively in Australian and overseas events.

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